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There are two major things you need to consider when choosing a new mobile phone tariff and data back up. Mobile phone tariffs have various elements, from texts to emailing, and inclusive calls and data applications. While choosing a tariff, you should see if the tariff includes a deal on inclusive minutes. For best results, you can choose a business mobile phone tariff. The main benefit of choosing a business mobile phone tariff is that it allows you to make free calls to your colleagues using the same network. Now that you know, which mobile phone tariff to use, we will look at another important thing data back up. Following are some of the ways to back up your past iphone device and restore it to your present iphone. 

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Use iCloud to transfer information

You can back up your old iphone device to iCloud. For this, you need to go to your current phone's settings iCloud Storage Backup and switch on the iCloud Backup. Make sure that your iphone device is connected to Wi-Fi and connected to a power source before you start backing up your data. To ensure all data has been backed up, make sure that you don't migrate before the backup is finished. Once the back up of your old device is finished, you can turn on your new device and choose the 'Restore from iCloud Backup tap. You should then entire your Apple ID and password. Once you log-in, select the backup of your old iphone device and tap Restore. To ensure that all your data is transferred to your new device, wait until the device finishes restoring from the backup. Once the restore is complete, your new device will restart and you will be ready to use your new iphone with all the data in your past phone. You can connect the new device to iTunes and sync data not contained in the backup such as videos, music, apps and others.

Use iTunes to transfer information

If you don't have an iCloud account, you can use iTunes to transfer information from your past iphone device to your new iphone device. For this, you need to install the latest version of iTunes and the latest version of iOS before continuing the back up. You then need to transfer your data from your past device to your computer using iTunes. Once all the data is transferred to your computer, connect your present iphone to iTunes on the same computer where you have back up your past iphone. You can then select the back up of your past device to restore all the information into your present iphone. Once the restore process is complete, your new iphone will start and will be ready for use.

Other Things to Remember

You cannot restore backups of newer versions of iOS onto devices using earlier versions of iOS. To transfer information taken from a device using newer iOS version, make sure that you update your device with the newer version of iOS, before transferring the information.